Ava-Launching Mud Mtn Ventures

Cue the music. Hit the lights. It’s time for the show to begin. Not since the introduction of the microchip has Silicon Valley been witness to something this momentous. It with great pride and overflowing confidence that we officially pull back the curtain on the magical team that is going to change the way the world does business.

Introducing Mud Mtn Ventures. Miles above the Valley.

First things first. Mud Mtn is not your typical “business-as-usual” venture capital firm. We are a new solution for the VC-curious to explore their inner innovator and unlock the potential of their ground-breaking ideas. We will be focused on disrupting the start-up scene with our careful cocktail of influence, innovation, incubation, and inundation. With this creative formula we aim to be the largest, most influential investment group for ambitious early stage, growth focused, next generation action oriented go-people that aren’t afraid to dream big. In short time we have already become a leader in discovering revolutionary teams of entrepreneurs, innovators, engineers, change agents, rockstars, inventors, and ideators.

Our group of partners, an impressive worldwide team of award-winning multi-billionaires, authors, and Guinness world-record holders, are seasoned veterans at delivering impact, synergy, and strategic partnership with some of the world’s most important and well-known companies. We’ve lived outside of the culture of Valley bubble until now, changing markets and affecting sectors the world across.

Today we are thrilled to be throwing our sizable hat into the metaphorical ring. Stay tuned, follow us on Twitter, Subscribe to the Sherpa’s Log. The show is just getting started.

– The Team at Mud Mtn Ventures