CEO 3.0: The Real CEO of the Future

Our frenemies over at Kleiner just released a “skillful look” at the CEO of the future, authored by some guy named Bing (I think Microsoft named their search engine after him?). While it was a cute look at some of the recent heroes of the web, we at Mud Mtn Ventures saw some crevasse-wide gaps in their thinking. To shift the conversation about future CEOs (future-E-Os?), I’ve come up with my very own CEO 3.0 must-haves. In the following list I “tease out” what it takes in a CEO to build a “bona fide” Web 3.0 success story:

Headshot Quality — Your CEO profile picture is your face to the world. It better look cool, hip, and have an iPhone in it. Some of our favorites include Dave Morin, Path (killer iPhone shot); Joe Gebbia, Airbnb (bonus points for the STOP SOPA); and MC Hammer, Wiredoo (no comment needed).

Pivotability — how quickly and frequently can you pivot?

Visibility — blog a lot and do more posting to Twitter than building anything. It’s also critical that you also maintain a really sweet set of Pinterest boards. That will help your celebrity status with the Midwestern women.

Klout Score — no explanation needed here. This is right up here with Visibility. Your Klout Score is more important than your bank account or any investment numbers.

Appreciation for Steve Jobs — gotta show your love for Papa Steve. The more ways the better. Consider getting a “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” tattoo.

Verbability — can your name be turned into a verb? It’s one of the main reasons Mark Zuckerburg gets so much coverage — his name makes a great headline.

Intellectualism and Design — be quoted saying things like “we’re trying to build something really elegant that just works,” “I love the Golden Gate Bridge because it is a symbol of something both beautiful and functional,” and “I teach the world to reimagine how they share and cultivate stories through social farming games.” Also quote early American presidents and other literary heroes that you found on Tumblr.

Obsession — act like nothing in the world matters except the product you’re working on. It is your raison d’être. Ignore your children or girlfriend. Let all other parts of your life suffer and act like you’d have it no other way.

Conference Maven — be seen at all conferences, including ones outside your industry. The 58th annual Pulp & Paper and the Vision Office Supply conferences are good starting points. And no, Burning Man and SXSW don’t count as conferences, but you need to attend them anyway.