Introducing Trio: Because sometimes love doesn’t stop at two.

My FAV startup just reached the climax of our incubator program the MountainTop. Ladies, gentlepeople, and ménage à trois aficionados, I'd like to introduce Trio, the mobile social network built exclusively for those who realize that sometimes love doesn’t stop at two. Trio is an electrifying step forward in the new category of exotic sharing applications, and here at Mud Mtn Ventures, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have them in our portfolio of world-changers.

Here’s what users are already saying about Trio, just three days after its launch:

"Un, deu, AMAZING. Took my 9pm-5am to a whole new dimension!"

"Like Hillary always said, it does take a village to get you off on your way."

"Trio connected me and my wife with someone we never imagined."

"Who knew our golden retriever was so interested in being interesting?"

The moment we met the three founders of Trio (Tiffany Chen Jr., Swett Hernandez, Nick “The Burrito” Triscapo), I felt an urge deep inside me to dive into a bed of profits with them immediately. And so I invested. Here at Mud Mtn Ventures, we believe in the power of niche products to scale infinitely, and with the economy being in the state it is, there’s no better time for sharing. mut Mtn belives not just about ZipCars or potlucks any more, though. As Mother always said, the world is getting bigger, colorful, more touching, more touchy. This TED talk I watched recently said that a huge trend among Alabamans, homosexuals, Mormons, and widows is to join sexual, er, romantic, threesomes, I mean, endeavors, or relationships…

Anyhow. We think this product really represents the *climax* of so many social media trends. It’s like Google Plus, but with so many more users. It's like an Appletini, but with longer foreplay and an even sweeter finish. 

So if you need help with your three-person relationship, Mud Mtn has invested to make your life worth it. Because love can’t be contained to just two.

Come join us — Trio awaits you and yours and yours. Download today at