Apply to the MountainTop without an Idea, Team, Expertise, or Education.

Just today, our frenemies over at Y = λf.[λx.f (x x)] [λx.f (x x)], announced that they were going to start taking applications for teams without a product idea. You have to hand it to them, this is a great idea — but yet again, we’ve 1-uped them to take it five steps further.

We got to thinking, if ideas are commodities, then why isn’t everything else. And if we’ve learned anything from our long string of investment victories, it’s that the special cocktail to make saucy start-ups is never the same twice. So without further explanation or rationale, we are excited to announce that Mud Mtn Ventures is again tinkering with our noble experimental incubator and will now be considering applicants without a founding team, idea, expertise, or education.

So if you’re a person (between the ages of 5 and 55) or an animal with basic coding experience and think you might be able to work with some other people on a project that may or may not have to do with technology and turn it into the next digital cash cow, then head on over to the MoutainTop and see if you’re ready to make the ascent.

We’re not sure if this will work, but then again its not our career we’ll ruin. And we have more money than God, so let’s give it a shot!