Lead Partner: Aaron Madden

When the warm-hearted rebel, Raymond “Ray” Lindstrom founded Cinnabon in 1985 he had one simple goal — make the endocrine profile of the world’s population more glucose friendly. By creating the most deliciously deadly alternative to cigarettes in as few bites as possible, Lindstrom lead the way for future generations to experiment with new combinations of fried dough, glazed syrupy sugar, and of course his trademark cinnamon sugar topping. Displaying an almost fervent desire to only seek out the world’s finest ingredients, the Cinnabon team tout their use of Makara Cinnamon from Indonesia.

The company’s recent relationship with Mud Mtn stems out of our continued commitment to the proliferation of American business values and the emerging trend of airports and malls as our “third place” (think Starbuck’s but without the pretenious baristas). With their doubling down on a commitment to mobile broadband, dark fiber, and the promotion of food-based photo-sharing iPhone apps, we think Cinnabon, like the clogging of your arterial passageways, is here to stay.