Lead Partner: Aaron Madden

Are you an important executive? Do you have a 1,000sq ft locked-door corner office with an unnecessarily large mahogany desk? Do you have nothing on your desk because your high-powered position requires nothing but a mind like a steel trap, brass balls, and the ability to command any room you enter? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you sound a lot like Mud Mtn Partner, Aaron Madden. While setting up his new office in Menlo Park he found an embarassing lack of exciting desktop accoutrement available. Aaron decided to take things into his own hands.

After tracking down the suppliers of the now defunct Sharper Image and rounding up a group of Etsy paper-weight hobbyists he put together Mud Mtn’s first internal incubation: Exec-y-Desk Executive Desk Ornamentation and Leadership Accessories Ltd. Based out of the 160th floor of Abu Dhabi’s Burj Khallifa in a room made entirely of platinum and glass, Exec-y-Desk aims to revolutionize tabletops from the boardroom to the bedroom, because as you know too well — the executive lifestyle doesn’t end at 5pm. If you’re working overtime to change the game, then so should your desk.