Leading Partner: Alex Carter

In the end of the twentieth-century, a small group of fearless entrepreneurs led by the sister act herself, Whoopi Goldberg, set out to change the face of commerce by introducing Flooz, a new type of currency for the digital frontier. While the venture ultimately ended in failure with the investing partners sinking over thirty-nine million (real) dollars into a company that never even had a CFO and whose CEO was most famous for sitting in the middle square on Hollywood Squares, we still saw opportunity. Fast-forward to today: the value of the U.S. dollar is crashing. Gold is being stockpiled for rapper’s Grillz and as a building material for Emerati skyscrapers. BitCoin is both unstable and imaginary. Enter Floozy.

Reinvigorated by an injection of forty-one million dollars from the Mud Mtn team, and headed up by newly minted CEO Stephen Segal and CFO Whoopi Goldber, Floozy is what Flooz always wanted to be: bullish, inflated, and hyped in every consumer circle. Modelled on financial systems structured in subterranean basements of Bear Stearns and with help from the Parker Brothers’ Monopoly currency team, Floozy will soon have the U.S. Treasury feeling woozy!