Leading Partner: Brayden Duane

Leg warmers, vinyl LPs, wayfarers, tamagotchis, and Polaroid cameras. What do these four disparate yet equally impactful products have in common? Retro-chic. After near misses with our investment on the return of such fads as 3.5in floppy disks and MS-Dos games our team of trend meteorologists their oracle-like gaze away from technology to another market: the home bathroom. More specifically: carpet toilet seat covers.

To get involved we chose to head way up-stream, investing in a little known Chinese textile company masquerading as an Apple Store, the Xianzing Textile Inc. With their petroleum-derived polymer-based high-pile carpeting know-how coupled with our crack team of powder-room sartorial experts, we are betting that this investment is going to be flush with success.