Lead Partner: Deepa Rangan

The story of the hula chair in not one to be forgotten. When King Kamehameha conquered the Hawaiian islands in 1810 he was driven in large part by the rumor of a magical chair, a chair that gave one’s body the gift of movement, of pleasure, of pulse, and of astoundingly rapid weight loss. When Kamehameha first landed his outrigger on the black sand beaches of the big island, he followed an ancient map to a hidden waterfall, above which sat the original hula chair.

Fast forward 200 years and the hula chair is still delivering all the joy and energy of King Kamehameha’s original. Though motorized and manufactured through the Mud Mtn Venture’s six sigma value chain, every sit on the hula chair brings back the powerful memories of idyllic Hawaii. The chair never ceases to surprise the unexpected sitter. It’s safe to say Mud Mtn will be saying “aloha” to this relationship for a very long time.