Lead Partner:  Brayden Duane

“POGs, or the “marbles of the 90s,” are poised for a comeback.” says partner and resident trendsetter Clarence C. Hall. The classic game has all of the trappings of a 21st century social media phenomenon: meaningless currency, addictive gambling gameplay, and branding opportunities galore.

Since investing in early 2003, POGs, recently rebranded for a new generation as #iPOGs+, has been pushed towards new heights introducing promotional partnerships with Spirit Airlines, the New York Mets, and the Boston Pops Orchestra. Over the past year we have seen astounding product growth in East Africa, the Balkans, and Cape Horn. This effort, spear-headed by our crack-team of international consumer retail experts aims to reinvigorate the disk-shaped-toy product space in previously over-looked marketplaces. This is one investment we are most definitely playing for “keeps” on.