Lead Partner: Thaddius Mummersen

You’ve read it. You’ve re-read it. You may have even disposed of your gum in it. When Sky Mall was pitching to our partners in the “Base Camp” (our conference room reserved for major-league prime-time presentations) they were immediately ready to sign the requisite novelty-size check. And that’s saying a lot for a brand that’s entire play is to a captive audience at 30,000 feet. That sounds like a Mud Mtn play. After an injection of capital, the magazine for “all the knick-knacks fit to print” is poised for big moves in Airline seatback-entertainment-retail-commerce. Watch out Amazon, we’re gunning for you.

One of our primary goals for the Sky Mall brand investment is capitalizing on the successful pillars of the brand. By 2012 we aim to have over 30 pages of every Sky Mall devoted to Harry Potter, LotR memorabilia, and life-size resin sculptures of yetis. Power down your electronics and put your seatbacks in their upright position for the conclusion of this high-flying story.