Leading Partner: Manu Balasubramanium

Donald Trump once said “I wasn’t satisfied just to earn a good living. I was looking to make a statement.” When our team heard these words we knew one thing: the Donald was our kind of guy. A showman of the highest class — with the pomp, portfolio, and experience to back it up.

Our involvement with Trump International began at the casino of the Trump Plaza Hotel when our own Manu Balasubramanium won an eight-figure payout in a game of War. The game’s magnitude forced the Donald to take notice. He invited Manu to join him for a four course blowfish sushi and steak dinner in the penthouse. Though little in known what happened in that closed door session, Mud Mtn is now a strategic partner of Trump International and maintains a controlling share of the company’s Apprentice-themed board game ventures. This is one relationship that’s got us saying “You’re hired!.”