The climax of incubation

Have you ever chugged 7 Four Lokos and watched an ESPN3 X-Games marathon while wearing a clown costume at the rodeo? Well that’s kind of what it’s like to be a part of the Mountain Top, the only official Mud Mtn start-up incubator (beware of imitators). Commonly described by participants as an “out of body and into product existential mind bender,” the MountainTop brings you, your product, your company, and your ego to life’s summit, miles above the Valley.

We’re always accepting applications but only run 1 class per year. The location of the Mountain Top is a closely guarded secret, as is the amount of capital we give you to kick things off (all in bitcoins) and the percentage of equity we take (think of it as ownership roulette).

It’s time to be brave. We’ll probably reject you, but apply anyway. Think of it as applying to Harvard Business School with the judges from American Idol on the board (the original triple threat) — and you’re on stage in fifteen minutes.