From gestation to company creation.

When founding partner Robert “Bob” Miller first thought of the idea for the MountainTop he was in utero. His notochord was developing into his vertebral he had a brilliant realization: if I am being incubated, why couldn’t the companies of the future also be incubated? From that moment, he promised himself that when the time was right, he would create an incubator unlike all others.

Fast forward to 2004 when Robert “Bob” was on an oil rig drinking Moscow Mules out of mason jars with Yuri Milner. They were talking about the MountainTop, and Yuri said “you should send the idea through Y-Comb” and Robert “Bob” was like “hmmm, we’ll maybe, but they take like 8%” and then Yuri was all like “dude, umm, haven’t you heard of 1/(1 – n)?” and Robert “Bob” was like “oh cool, um, yeah I know about that” and Yuri was like “yeah, Paul Graham doesn’t fuck around with equations” and Robert “Bob” was like “arggg. deep breath. deal.”

Robert “Bob” and Yuri then clinked mason jars, shook hands, and the MountainTop was immediately granted acceptance into Y-Combinator. Three months later and the world was a better place. The MountainTop was born, bringing to the life the best chance there is to turn a paper napkin idea into a billion dollar novelty check.