Get the fuck off of my page. And close the god-damn browser window. What, were you raised in fucking Internet Explorer?!

Alex would be the first to tell you he is an asshole. And he wants you to tell everyone you know. As a teen Alex instigated the early rift between Steve Jobs and Apple, caused the Savings & Loan crisis, and led everyone to believe there was treasure in Al Capone’s crypt (sorry, Geraldo). A graduate of CalTech, MIT, and Stanford, Alex has amassed a knowledge that has been compared by some as at least two-thirds of what is currently on the Internet. In the early days of Wikipedia, Alex was responsible for over 75% of all edits and additions. Today, Alex spreads his social networking over Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and YouTube’s comments section resulting in a Klout score of 110, a previously unattainable feat, even by Rober Scoble.

When USB 2.0 was released, Alex’s productivity increased by 40x, as the throughput on the data-bus was finally able to keep up with his typing incredible speed. When IBM’s Watson was first shown to the public he beat it not only in a round of Jeopardy where all of the questions were posed in Haiku but also caused the machine to cry; something that still puzzles IBM scientists today.

At Mud Mtn Alex is our oracle to the Internet — it’s as if Google Analytics and Apple Siri are hardwired into his brain. No movement in the tech world goes unnoticed by Alex and he is passionate to always, always be the earliest adopter.