BBQ is a lot like Venture Capital. There are a lot of ingredients that go into the pot but its that special spice that makes the dish.

When Brayden Duane walked into the doors of Mud Mtn Venutres six years ago he made one thing clear: Ain’t no whiners welcomed. Born and raised in Brackettville, Texas, Brayden is a man’s man’s man’s man. At age 8, he became the youngest person in history to win the international buttered-piglet roping contest. To this day he still holds 54 records in Bareback Bronc riding including longest blindfolded ride after sixteen shots of Wild Turkey. He also holds the record for longest standing ride while singing the Star-Spangled Banner (with a hand over his heart of course).

Ever since, Brayden, our “hawk-in-residence,” has built an impressive portfolio of investments including our Series J funding round with Global Glory Industrial, Ltd., overseeing our long-term relationships with the World POG Federation, and on the side, managing the search engine optimization strategies with JC Penney’s senior leadership.

Prior to becoming a senior partner Brayden single-handled thwarted both legal and illegal immigration into Texas using only his steel jawline and million-watt smile as weapons. He also proudly opened the world’s first dirt exhibition pavilion at the Texas State Fair, a tradition that today is featured in over 30 U.S. (and Mexican) state fairs.

Today Brayden leads many of our early stage investments, inviting portfolio leadership and MountainTop members to his ranch in Texas for “Duane-nitiation” a closely guarded secret leadership retreat that has been imitated and copied all over the VC world (most notably Yuri Milner’s “Milner-mania”). He’s muddy and rough-around-the-edges, but he’s also slap-you-on-the-back-and-call-you-brother affable, and he can’t wait to cook you a steak dinner – rare.