If I could re-arrange the alphabet, I’d put ‘U’ & ‘I’ together. Let’s make something magical happen today.

As a foster child of Hallmark founder, Joyce C. Hall, Clarence has always known the importance of a good one-liner. From memories of celebrating Administrative Assistant Appreciation Week with the staff of Hallmark to brainstorming sessions on inventing new Holidays between Christmas and Easter, it was clear Clarence was going to do special things with his life. Growing up, one holiday always stood out more than all the others for Clarence: Valentine’s Day.

Today Clarence claims knows more about love than cupid himself. And with good reason. As a founder of 6 online dating sites (including the celebrated,, Clarence has come to recognize the nuances of match-making in a hypertext world. From the experimental to the more mainstream FarmVille Personals, Clarence is aiming to reshape the web 3.0 world. In his seminal lecture on the “Romantic Web 3.0 Revolution,” Clarence outlines his theories on the transition from a social-centric web to a dating-centric web.

Clarence envisions a world with the likes of,, and a user’s dating profile affecting every facet of their online existence — and at Mud Mtn he’s going to make it happen, so get your head shot and beach body ready.