They say you can measure your life in heartbeats. I prefer my own metric: orgasms above 30,000 feet.

When people sit down to talk to Clift DeHaartsen most return with the feeling that they haven’t lived. Clift, a man who’s never held a “job” in his life, has experienced tantric sex in the jungles of Bengal; delivered a baby whale while living with an orca pod off of Vancouver; was crowned king of Sri Lanka only to abdicate the throne minutes later (something that the island nation has yet to recover from both economically and culturally); hunted pirates off of Somalia and Cape Cod; and discovered how to manufacture plastic tiaras for preteen girls. The last accomplishment made him the one of the richest men south of Cape Horn. These days Clift DeHaartsen can be seen in one of our firm’s many satellite offices: onboard the Yak IV his 178’ catamaran, aboard Spaceship One with good friend Richard Branson, or in his cigar-making factory in Havana. In other words Clift is never in our offices. But that doesn’t mean his impact isn’t felt like the bite of an Amazonian fire ant. With Mud Mtn Clift continues to live by the one rule that guided through all of his life’s journeys: no rules.