Elevator pitches are yesterdays news. Today it’s all about the escalator pitch.

Born in the slums of Beijing to Japanese parents bearing Indian names with Canadian passports and Danish ethnic heritage, Deepa was destined for twenty-first century greatness. She finally achieved it when she became Mud Mtn Ventures’ first Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

Deepa’s path towards entrepreneurship started in the small yard of the family home with a small, runty lemon tree. At the age for four she started her very own Lemonade stand. After learning how to scale the business efficiently, she expanded her ventures into orange juice, frozen concentrate, large format digital printers, and concealed firearms.

Years later, after creating the world’s first shipping magnate, she found herself in Hollywood masterminding television pilots involving multi-cultural families for the Fox. Living by the age old Chinese adage, If life gives you lemons, redefine a marketplace, Deepa has brought her ventures to IPO a record 12 times. She is the definition of a serial entrepreneur. We can’t wait to see what she turns her attention to next.