Oil is the lube upon which the golden wheels of global business turn.

While at the world-premiere of Sex in the City 2, all of the Partners at Mud Mtn Ventures got an unbelievable urge to travel to Abu Dhabi. Fifteen bottles of Dom and 8 NetJet cards later, entered Haytham Haddad III. After starting construction on what was to be the world’s tallest building, Haytam funded what was to be the world’s largest single-tank aquarium, and then moved on to build what was to be the world’s largest indoor alpine ice-climbing park. For his encore, Haytham then built the world’s largest pineapple flavored gummy bear. Infinite success followed, and after infinite success there was clearly only one logical next step: Mud Mtn Ventures.

At Mud Mtn, Haytham invests only in grandeur and opulence. You better hope Haytham brings his Midas-touch to your venture.