Manu is numbers. At birth he was accidentally named 7.24 (his weight at birth), a mistake that wasn’t rectified until his 17th birthday. Educated formally at IIT (the Indiana Institute of Teaching) and then later at IIT (the Indian Institute of Technology) Manu’s PhD thesis involved finding new prime numbers, a theoretical debate on the moral implications even vs. odd, and memorizing every other digit of pi, multiplying it by e in his head, and then memorizing the result’s inverse co-efficients. The result of the study entitled, Count Manu’s Mythical Mathematica, earned a record four Field’s Medals and was inexplicably nominated for two daytime Emmy Awards (unfortunately it won neither).

A Bollywood movie Eka Aura Bhi Sundara Mana, featured the story of Manu’s trials and tribulations becoming one of the world’s smartest mathematicians under 130lbs.

In his professional career, Manu has served as lead accountant for Bernie Madoff while simultaneously advising investment strategies for Goldman Sachs, Blackstone, TPG, and Bain Capital. His successes in the financial world landed him a coveted guest appearance on the legendary children’s show, Sesame Street. What was meant to be a casual conversation with The Count unravelled into a sparring of brilliant minds; leading to a six-episode marathon “count-off,” which resulted in the hospitalization of both parties and the sudden suicide of Big Bird.

After his long road to recovery, Manu found himself back to the world of finance on Wall Street to derive derivatives and leverage sub-prime assets, earning a year-over-year cash windfall of $120 billion. After cashing out in the markets, Manu turned his attention to venture capital. At Mud Mtn Manu is our visible hand of the market, managing our private equity portfolio and internal book-keeping. Suffice to say, we’re excited to see what he does next.