Handshakes are the social currency of the modern era.

Founding Partner, Robert “Bob” Miller wants to shake your hand. In his 2007 book, Handshakes: the Bond of Business, he outlines his Webby award-winning philosophies for business, friendship, and even love through the art and science of the handshake. Too firm and you’re over compensating, Too soft and you’re non-commital. Bob admits, during his career, that he has invested in over 30 companies purely on a handshake basis. This tactic resulted in some of MMV’s greatest successes and biggest flops but one thing can be sure, if Robert “Bob” Miller shakes your hand — you better be ready. As a Partner Emeritus, Bob now spends most of his time consulting young starts-up from his house on the TPC Golf Course in south Florida between tee-times and off-shore trips in his sport-fishing yacht: Horizontal Climax I.