I am a blind optimist. I looked into the warm sun and lost my vision like a boyscout watching a solar eclipse through a set of cheap binoculars.

Skyler keeps a monkey named Bonco on his left shoulder. Always. To Skyler, who founded our green energy initiative, Bonco is symbolic of more than the Rain Forest, he’s a living testament to man’s destructive impact on the world. While living as a bamboo raft maker in the Amazonian rain forest, Skyler saw first hand the horrors of deforestation when a small monkey knocked on the door of his yurt, crying his little monkey tears for his lost family.

Saddened and disgusted, Skyler burned his yurt, clothing, and all belongings to the ground, picked up little Bonco and set off into the forest with nothing but his naked humanity. In what turned out to be a rather hasty and poor decision, he wandered the forest for the next five years, resolving to learn as much as he could about green technologies from Mother Nature herself. When this failed (he was found emaciated and near dead on the shores of the Amazon’s headwaters) he enrolled at the University of Texas to study clean energy the old-fashioned human way. But Bonco never left his side. From that fateful day when Bonco arrived at his door, Skyler vowed to be a venture capitalist advocating solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, guano, geomagnet, wavepiping, and rectal euthermia clean energy technologies. His diverse set of investments at Mud Mtn may save the world as we know it, we’d like to think so.