You innovate. You disrupt. You are the plague that wipes out millions. Let me be your diseased rodent.

Thaddius is a bird of another fur, a complete contrarian. Yes, at first glance that statement may not seem to make any sense but little that Thaddius does will to those of average intellect. One of Mud Mtn Venture’s most influential and profitable partners, Thaddius and his fourteen beautiful personal assistants manage the firm’s largest number of portfolio companies, but we know little about his day-to-day beyond that.

Thaddius got his start in the 1970s when he organized San Francisco’s homeless population into a union eventually resulting in the granting of city-wide universal health care and 401k benefits, an annual free taco day at Jack in the Box (a Nationwide event), and a ratification to San Francisco’s charter that BART that they never replace the carpeted, cloth covered cars.

In the 1980s, after being discovered cooking hot dogs on rolling cans in an alley he was hired by 7-Eleven, leading to the invention of their now legendary rolling hot dogs. After rising through the ranks at 7-Eleven he branched out and began trend-spotting. In the early 90s he began investing in hip-hop artists, taking TLC and Kriss Kross to platinum status multiple times. During this time Thaddius also pushed the bounds of children’s entertainment creating timeless favorites like Nickelodeon’s “Legends of the Hidden Temple” and “Global Guts.” After conquering the world of hip-hop and children’s game shows, Mummersen made the only natural transition, turning his sights on the tobacco and firearms industry.

After spending much of the rest of the past two decades fighting organizations like DARE, the WWF (now WWE), and UNICEF for their poor treatment of caterers, Thaddius was again discovered while cooking tubed meat. Only this time he was using a homemade solar cooker and was half buried in a sand trap at Robert “Bob” Evans’ private golf club estate in Florida. One firm handshake and three Beanie Baby collections later, Mud Mtn had found one of its most unique and mysterious partners. We don’t know how he does it, but he certainly keeps our innovation pirate chest brimming.